Cool Yule at La Farola‏
Posted on 06 December 2015
  • Cool Yule at La Farola

Stuck planning the office holiday party this year? We know, it sucks. The holidays are already stressful enough for your own friends and family. Gift buying, decorating and in the meanwhile trying to find that Yule Tide cheer? Then multiply that by two! Trying to figure out who's bringing the same 'ol boring mince pies and mulled wine to your fluorescent lit office... Yikes. Let La Farola save you from the holiday blues! We'll liven up your holiday office party and spice things up. With zero stress and zero hassle, we're absolutely positive that La Farola will give you the best Holiday party that your office has ever seen!

Want your party catered? No problem! You put up the mistletoe and we'll bring the fresh tapas! We have no problem transporting our freshly made tapas, cheese boards and charcuterie platters to wherever you're located! We bring the fun and food wherever we're needed!

Need a space to throw a slightly bigger event? Why not just rent out our entire restaurant for the evening! We'll cater to fit your needs while throwing our own La Farola charm and spin on every last detail. Wanting to get out of your boring office space? Our charming little cozy restaurant on the corner of Therberton and Upper Street in Angel, Islington is the perfect place to throw on your holiday cheer and leave the work behind, even if it's just for one night! We're equidistant from Angel tube station and Highbury and Islington tube station, so getting to us is essentially no issue at all. Again, we're about cutting your hassle so we will take care of pretty much every last detail. Just make sure your work mates are alongside you to ring in the new year with tons and tons of cheer!


Call us at 020 7359 7707 to book a table or make a reservation on our website using our online booking system at